Secret Diary of a Work At Home Business Wo(Man)

Let’s just start out with the bottom line – work-wise, she (or he) is Kicking It! She works around her life rather than her life needing to somehow fit in around her j-o-b’s.

work at home freedom!

She gets up when she wakes up, no need for the alarm shock treatment to begin her day! She can come and go as she pleases because she is on a 24-hour clock. There is no rush to cram everything into a small space of time, the ‘8-hour workday’. On the other hand, if she did need to do that for some exceptional reason, for example to free up the rest of the day, she could – it only depends on how it strikes her at the time! Every day can be different!

She knows one must be diligent (number one priority) to plan and organize her time so that all of the daily tasks are completed timely. This allows her to really enjoy her ‘me’ time even more – again, no rushing, no guilt, sh

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Internet Marketing Strategy – The Problem with Done-For-You Techniques

The problem with having services done for us is if we think that is all there is to it. Folks want to believe they can just kick back and wait for traffic and sales. You should never wait or rely on any one thing. Unless ‘done-for-you’ guarantees actual paying customers; not free affiliates who may or may not ever upgrade; not traffic or visitors that may or may not do anything but leave tracks; not leads or prospects who sometimes have no idea how you got their information and are not interested.

Are you watching?

All of the latter are definitely still possibilities and as such have some value; and definitely if you can afford a service that will help you with any of those resources, go for it. The problem is only when we believe we ‘got it covered’ and we don’t do anything else to promote our business. We rely on the service and it is maybe a form of denial that we want t

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Starting a Home Business – It Makes No Sense to do Things Half-Way

In order to succeed at most things, we really need to want to do it. Not half-heartedly or sort of want to, but really want to. If the motivation and determination are not there, it is unlikely that you will have much success. Regardless of what business you ultimately end up with, you have to start somewhere. In order to get training and information you may want to join a program that provides that. Don’t worry if the business is not exactly what you envisioned. You can worry about that later when you are actually ready to decide exactly what you want to do.

learn how to

There is a saying that ‘the only one who can’t learn is the one who thinks he already knows’. This is the person who will not follow directions and will think of reasons why the instructions cannot or will not work for them because they think they are different – and this is without even trying. One

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Information is Power Only If You Take Action with It

We certainly do see a lot of references to the fact that information is power. It is great to know facts and theories but unless we use it for something it is just filed away in our memory bank. We are very fortunate in having access to the Internet which is a vast ocean of information. There is almost nothing that you may wish to ask a search engine that you can’t get pages of links that reference your topic.

use info-power

The point being with regard to Internet marketing and all that this involves, we can get a good idea of the techniques and strategies absolutely for free if we are just interested. So the initial action would be to use the available, free resources online as a constant reference. Whatever it is, just ‘look it up’ (search). This would seem particularly relevant to new terminology that we encounter if we are just starting out to develop an online business.

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How to Get Free Traffic for Your Online Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to drive traffic to your website for free. Not only is it free, it is the best kind of traffic (targeted). Targeted traffic is best because it is actually going to send you people who are looking for what you have. This is based on your keywords. ‘Keywords’ are relevant phrases that define what your site is about exactly.

driving traffic

The Search Engine robots crawl websites on a regular basis, usually every 30-days unless there is activity (fresh content). When they crawl a site that appears to be dormant, (nothing fresh, no traffic, etc.) then they just leave and come back next time. However if they see that the site has fresh content they will re-index the site. The index is their database of all the websites on the Internet.

When your site is re-indexed, that means that your link is promoted to a higher position in

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Home Business Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills

Recently there was research done with regard to the common traits of successful leaders. The top two characteristics are being conscientious and being extroverted. Being conscientious is taking care of business, having a plan with goals and being focused on them. Extroversion indicates one who is outgoing and sociable. Sociability is the art of motivating and inspiring others. Dominance is also a factor that people react to because they believe it denotes competence.


On the other hand there are exceptions in that for example an introvert can also be an effective leader primarily because they listen to others. Other studies show that being able to really listen to another person can even make them fall in love with you! It’s a different context of course but still relevant to this conversation, as a good leader would be attractive to others. In business, trust and resp

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Your Home Business – Keep on Keeping On

Did you ever hear the saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’? That really says a lot. Whereas when things get tough, the less determined will hang back and allow discouragement to overcome their efforts to stay motivated. So instead of trying harder or trying something different when they don’t see any results, they will just stop trying.

hang in there!

It’s very hard to come back from this place, but it can happen. It may take a different set of circumstances to become motivated again. It may be a different time – a week or month or even a year from now. It may take a big change in your life such as the loss of a job, or even a change of heart – maybe you just see things a little differently for some reason. If you are really serious about your home business someday, some way you will revisit the idea.

Another saying comes to mind with regard to thi

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Starting an Online Home Business – How to Stand Out From the Pack

Although many funnel and affiliate programs provide everything needed to start a business at home online, sometimes when you have gotten ‘your feet wet’, it is then best to use what they gave you as a ‘blueprint’ or prototype and design something of your own. So to stand out from the pack we need to use our own voice to say the same thing; to go that extra step of creating our own content.

be a stand-out!

It is absolutely invaluable to have the resources provided to you initially because first of all you may not know exactly what kind of advertisements to use, let alone how to create anything, whether graphic or text. So it is just fine to ‘get started today’ with what you are given to work with.
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