6 Advices to Promote Your Website For Free

Imagine you have already finished making your own website. You have already provided the company, its products and services. You have included proposals and a variety of promotions to catch the attention of your target audience.

You have also analyzed and passed the pros and cons of building a new website. But isn’t your site successful yet? It is possible that you are not including in your plans the best way you promote your website. That’s why I´ll try to show you how to promote your website for free to get more recognition and success.

If you have already started promoting your site, do not stop. It is something that must remain constant in their objectives. Doing so persistently, you will soon capture the attention of your audience. So I recommend that you should be patient. To start, try each method of promotion until you find the best to fit your needs. You should try trial and error testing to get your site on the top.

As you probably know, there are many ways to make your website be seen or visited. Please see the promotions that you can try to find out what is most attractive for your website in terms of effort and efficient results.

1 – . Free submission, as currently some search engines does like Google, Bing and also some directories or promotion programs that give to your site the traffic it deserves. Check frequently the ranking of your website to see if this type of promotion is exact for your site.

2 – . Make a deal with another site to share links to your web pages, in which both are profitable (gain to gain). The important thing here is to use the appropriate words that may interest your target audience.

3 – . Find free classified ads to promote your page. These ads can be seen by other people that could boost the promotion of your website. Even these ads are not targeting your niche you could find someone interested in your services.

4 – . Inexpensive banners ads on internet (or for free) range throughout the Web. Ads as a Pop-Up appearing on the top of a page or in a new separate window, it could eventually attract the attention of your target audience. It is, surely, another very popular way.

5 – . Free List Promotion. There are websites dedicated to build customers list with hundreds and hundreds of people which enable you to access for one or more classified ads, periodically. Since many people are doing the same, the important thing here is that you sent emails to the lists with the maximum frequency allowed.

6 – . Find database sites receiving all kinds of articles on various subjects. You could write about what you like and submit your articles to dozens of web sites, which allows you to place a signature at the end of the article and a link to their website. These items can be seen by thousands of people who at some point may find your link attractive.

If your website and the promotion are not working even after performing these methods, review your website. Keep track of all visitors, check the list and transactions. Then try to find errors on your website. Upload new files continuously for your audience to come back for new products and services. Track your own site if it is growing in the market or if it is going down.

Once everything has been done you are ready to try the described methods again. There is a popular saying that the best things in life are free. And they are. And once your site starts to get the visitors you want, you will understand the value of free promotion and begin to believe it’s true.


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