Creating Leads and Autoresponder Follow Up Messages


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When doing online business, autoresponders function as an important marketing weapon. In point of fact the other thing more essential than your autoresponder would probably be your opt-in list.

Creating Leads Utilizing Autoresponder

To begin with, all autoresponders are list free. Creating leads utilizing autoresponder comes essential if you want to have a business. The list comes into being only when your autoresponder mailing list begins filling up with names and email-ids.

You may already heard about it; the quickest way to build an e-mail list is to give to the potential subscribes things cost free. If you already have a huge opt-in list then it might be a waste of time as marketers say. But if you are starting out and you need to increase your mailing list then this is a good move. All you need to do is pay for the advertisement that will endorse your handouts. Do not count this as your loss; instead think of it as a potential investment.

Advertise your website as many as possible. Promote your freebies on Ezine, give them away as free eBooks, free reports or whatever methods seems fit to you, by Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The point is to make people agree to receive that freebie and in turn make them subscribe to your list and creating leads. It seems to be a win-win situation, ‘cause benefits both parties,  but you stand to gain more as the person simply receives a freebie and you get their name and email which allows you to mail them in the future.

If you get it right, you stand to gain more than that. The freebie that you are giving can also be used by you to promote your products. Even if is just related to affiliate links, still is a good way to earn some extra income from your leads.

In future, when you send emails you can again advertise your services. But always remember to include valuable information in your follow up email; otherwise your subscribers will simply unsubscribe themselves.

You must grab each and every opportunity in the internet marketing world to achieve success. You can earn money through the freebies that you have sent out and also when you send the thank-you note to the person who has requested for the freebie. In the future, every time a message is sent via the autoresponder to the mailing list you stand to earn money. The potential is huge, isn’t it?

Writing Follow-up Messages for Autoresponders

Do you think writing follow-up messages for autoresponders takes lots of time?

What is your opinion about the following sentence? Follow-up messages play a very important role when it involves a sell using your autoresponder.

People generally don’t buy things at the first instance, this happened only after repeated visits and they finally decide to buy a product. In the meantime you have to keep them hooked so that they end up buying the product. For this you have to come up with interesting follow-up messages which captivate the attention of the potential buyer.

When writing follow-up messages, review it that you are writing captivate headlines   -they should be captivate, simple and meaningful- (you may find more interesting articles using this in Google “How to Write Headlines”). These headlines are guaranteed to perk the interest of the reader who would wish to read through the entire message.

You can also get the reader’s attention by sending out messages with a personal touch (are you there?). Thus when the reader receives the message, he or she will see their name instead of a code which really goes down well with consumers. How do you feel when you see in your inbox, a mail with your name?

Consider your first message that will go out to your readers is the introductory message (the presentation message). The introductory message is very important as it sets the tone for the rest of the messages that will ensue henceforth. In this message you can give the readers some idea about your business and the products that you have on offer.

In the second message you can explain in detail about the products and how these products will be beneficial to your consumers. In the next message focus on the products and explain why they are absolutely essential for your customers. Also write a bit about how your product is infinitely better than other similar products available in the market.

It will be a matter of time before you have a couple of happy customers. Their feedback will help you greatly in building up your reputation. In the next follow-up message you can include the testimonial of a satisfied customer.

Writing follow-up messages in the way consumers actually enjoy reading and look forward to the next one. Also you may try to include order information into the message so that customers have a hassle-free shopping experience. Take out the time and produce some incredible follow-up messages – you will see your sales soaring in no time.



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