How A Resource Box Looks Like

Of course it is not a secret that Internet is the information highway. Everything goes by. And even people who are visiting internet can be divided in different group; they generally come to the internet looking for information.

Search Engines have been studied for many years and people have learned about the effect of articles generating lot traffic to the websites. Even some pages have been created for the only purpose of providing articles that can be reading by visitors, which contain links to other websites related to the topics discussed in the (An example of this you can check in; Squidoo, Ezine Articles , Hub Pages, Article Base , Buzzle, The Free Library, Helium , Article ( Spanish ) , Articuloz ( Spanish ) and LEETU ).

Article directories generally contain many article related to many topics and, as a visitor, you usually read articles related to the topic you were looking for. In the article you are read, you may find a section at the end with a brief note and a link. This is use for linking to the website promoted. The article may belong to the owner of the target website, but not always.

This way, if the article is talking about flowers, the short note will contain a link to the website which probably sells flowers.

This short note is called “Resource Box” and usually appears at the end of the article. This “Resource Box” should contain the author´s name, a brief author description; a brief website description that promotes the link. This resource box will be your link to the website you want to promote. Thus, if a visitor likes what he reads, then will wants to know more or perhaps to know the article source.

That is why this small box should be attractive to capture readers’ attention. Keep in mind about the small space available so, selecting the keywords and the content of this small box is very important if you want to have a high click rate.

Well, now that you know what the “Resource Box” is, let’s think about the benefits or advantages of having a good resource box: traffic to the website.

Many sites allow submitting articles on their sites, so they can have good content. It is important not to submit the same article on multiple sites, because you will probably get penalized for duplicate content.

So, the most important thing of this small resource box is the keywords. That is, the keywords that people are searching for. There are many tools that can help you get the right keywords for your site (the best in my opinion is Google Adwords Tool).

The better option is to use keywords that are related to the website. Some try to use keywords that are not related to the website content, and this can easily disappoint readers (potential customer). This will definitely affect your credibility. You have just one opportunity to do it well.

My contribution today is about doing underestimate the power of generating traffic to from a resource box, at the end of an article. It´s small, but certainly will provide additional support to your marketing plan to attract more traffic to your website. So try to make it attractive, suggest action, fun and at the same time, serious enough to motivate readers want to know more.

Your goal is to get people clicking on the resource box. And now that you understand this it’s time to create your own.


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