How To Achieve Your Dreams By Making It Possible

Sunrise at Tamarama beach

Sunrise at Tamarama beach – by Wyncliffe

Achieving dreams is something special to all of us. Dreaming is by definition “the experience of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep”. And it is also by definition; believe in something that it is impossible to happen. Dreaming is a human sign and has been experienced by everybody someway.

“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.” – Tony Robbins

At some point of our lives, we have dreamed being someone great and famous, someone who has achieved great victories and has conquered other worlds. And so far, we have dreamed of being successful and being happy in our daily lives.

We have dreamed bigger and most of our dreams are still just in our mind… are just dreams.

It has happened in our lives since long time ago. Day by day we have forgotten the adventure spirit. In some way we are trapped denying us the chance to experience new great sensations.

There Is Always a Chance

The good news is that we still have a chance. Everything can be better starting from now by our own decision. We must start believing in our dreams, much further and much higher.

The mayor obstacle people found is the word “impossible”. This word is almost found in every plan or goal, making our dreams becoming destroyed. Most people think their dreams are not possible or simply no one can do it.

And I have to say, if this were true, then the innovation would not exist. There would not be new gadgets, new technologies, new simple ways to do daily things that, just a few years ago seemed impossible to do. Just take a look at our language. The languages define us as humans and although its origin is unknown, it is only possible to achieve all the inventions in the way we did, thanks to our ability to communicate each other, in all its forms.

Or imagine a world without the light bulb created by Thomas Edison. And what about the computer or internet; can you imagine the world without them? How were these inventions possible? The Limits exist only in our minds and in our dreams. Limitations are caused by our own doubts. It is very likely that you never get to go beyond what you consider impossible. You are your own limit.

People have big dreams and often they do nothing to get what they want. They don’t work for them. Those dreams are impossible dreams for those people. The fact is that if you think you can do something, you will. If you think you cannot do something, you will not. In both cases you are right.

Do not limit your thoughts, your dreams or your ability to achieve them. Try everything that you think is impossible, every day. With time and some effort from your side, you will realize how something impossible becomes possible. Aspire high and far away. Move slowly to the target with concrete actions. You will see how the impossible transform into something achievable.

Define Your Goals And Your Dreams Come True

Of course, your goals should be realistic after all. Every great dream must be accompanied by a great work to do. Those who only dream achieving something without working inexorably end up disappointed and are unlikely to start a new adventure.

To achieve dreams you will need discipline and hard work. Once we have paint in our mind what we want to achieve, the next thing to do is working for it with discipline, determination and perseverance. Every impossible dream can become real.

As a suggestion, do the following exercise; write your dreams and goals in a book note or notepad. Classify your goals and dreams in objectives to be achieved in terms of one, five and ten years. Write it clearly visualizing what you want to achieve, with every aspect of what you want as a color, smell, size, location… etc.

Start working on it immediately –don´t heard noising voices telling you to postpone-. Each year, review your list carefully in order to review your progress and achievements, successes and failures. Don´t be so hard with yourself but flexible. Review what you did, make some adjustments and continue with your plans. Then, do the same the following year and son on for five or ten years. It´s excitement!

Do not get caught by your limitations and don´t allow a bad past experience to disturb you. Your past don´t define your future. Your moment is here and now. Think big and work hard to achieve what you want. As you progress, you will notice how the impossible becomes real. Once you’ve made ​​…

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