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Writing articles to your blog differ greatly from the ones written for the print media like neither newspaper nor magazine. It has been studied that blog article readers have lesser attention period, thus they tend to scan through the articles, rather than going deep into them. Blog article is a way to post your thought in an informal manner, sharing what you think about anything.

Therefore you should change the approach when writing articles to your blog. In order to grab the reader’s attention, you should write articles with attractive titles using multiple subtitles and including paragraphs with bulleted points, assisting the reader to capture the essence of the article easily.

A blog that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate has more chance to have repeated visitors. The more visitors you have, the more chances you have of them clicking on the affiliate links provided on your blog. Whenever you are writing article to your blog, keep in mind the audience you are writing for. Be focus in the niche your blog belongs to (I know some times we just think in many things and wanted to share with our visitor or readers –not bad at all-).

Remember, the key in your blog or site is to get visitor and have the chances they get subscribed or get click on your affiliate links to finally get some money.

The Ideal Length of a Blog Post

When writing articles to your blog reviews the optimal length which it should show up in search engine results. Blog articles that are nice to read should take between 5 to 8 minutes to be read (Medium research says the ideal is 7 minutes long). Search engine optimization (SEO) might not be your aim; however, still it makes sense to restrict the length of your articles within this range: 700 to 1500.

I recommend 700 ~ 1000 words per article with nice photos included.

Readers are less likely to complete an excessively long article (more than 1500 words), instead there are chances that they might be put off your site altogether associating your articles with too much words. The important thing here is to write an article that it will be able to grasp the attention of the blog reader. This will give your readers the flexibility to choose what to read and what to skip.

“What it does mean is that it’s worth writing however much you really need. Don’t feel constrained by presumed short attention spans. If you put in the effort, so will your audience”. -Medium

Other idea may be allowing others bloggers to use your articles while keeping your lines intact. It is definitely a great way to promoting yourself. If visitors like your writing style they will not only get an idea about who wrote the article but also get an opportunity to contact you trough the link provided. This is a win-win situation for you with absolutely no cost as your website and your writings get promoted. Don´t forget in this instance the risk of content duplicated for SEO.

Greater the number of people who utilize your writings as content for their website, greater the amount of traffic your site receives.

Author´s blog use a lot of advertising methods such as SEO techniques, banner exchanges, and pay-per-click campaign to attract visitors to their affiliate sites. These advertising methods take up a lot of time and money but for you it is free of cost because you made the right decision of placing your articles on a medium where others could use and benefit from them. There are several companies offering thousands of traffic to your blog starting with few budgets.

Finally, writing articles to your blog is an easy way getting notice and sharing your thoughts while you promote your own services and products or by affiliate programs. Let´s start today with your first post and share what you think!

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