Starting a Home Business – It Makes No Sense to do Things Half-Way

In order to succeed at most things, we really need to want to do it. Not half-heartedly or sort of want to, but really want to. If the motivation and determination are not there, it is unlikely that you will have much success. Regardless of what business you ultimately end up with, you have to start somewhere. In order to get training and information you may want to join a program that provides that. Don’t worry if the business is not exactly what you envisioned. You can worry about that later when you are actually ready to decide exactly what you want to do.

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There is a saying that ‘the only one who can’t learn is the one who thinks he already knows’. This is the person who will not follow directions and will think of reasons why the instructions cannot or will not work for them because they think they are different – and this is without even trying. One of the dumbest things is when a person gets some ‘advice’ from someone who knows little more than they do, about some technique that sounds ‘cool’; or is naturally because it is ‘free’ to use much smarter than something that actually works. They get it in their head and no matter what they are told, they are going to do it their way because they ‘are smarter than that’.

Some don’t even bother to read the training material at all. They are so sure they know how to do something. This makes no sense, because the person who is training or coaching will ideally have had actual experience both good and bad. They likely have reasons why they either recommend something or caution against it. Many actually have a track record – profit statements, etc. that they refer to. It is helpful to be able to benefit from someone else’s experience so that you don’t waste your time and money using some strategy that has a low level of success.

Yet time and again people will treat starting a business online as some kind of a game and they doggedly forge ahead ignoring all the resources that have been provided to them. Almost always they will fail unless what they are doing is something that actually works. They want so to ‘fake it until they make it’ and of course the part where you are your own boss really goes to their head. The boss in a real business had to have some kind of training, education, and/or hands-on experience to begin with to be where they are. Yet people time and again will do it their way and fall flat on their face.

Hopefully somewhere they will find a logical moment to see that they should have taken advantage of the training they were provided with at least to consider some of what is being said. Since it is never too late, maybe when they see the lack of results their way has gotten them, they will go back and try to reconstruct a plan for their business. Unfortunately too many times they will just quit and naturally their ego will tell them it’s the program that failed.


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