Building a Home Business: Focus on Your Target

There are lots of reasons why you may not be able to totally focus on your target when you are planning on building a home business; probably as many reasons as there are hours in the day. Many other things constantly demand your attention and interrupt you repeatedly.

walk the tightrope!

Life gets in the way. You may have a stressful day job, a rough commute, a family, pets, etc. that are important to you and need to be dealt with first. So you have to find time for your home business project and somehow squeeze this extra activity into your busy schedule.

It already sounds like your home business will have the lowest priority, but as long as you at least see it as more important than watching TV or hanging out somewhere with friends, your business will have a chance. So it may be that amid all the chaos that is life, you have to start seeing your business as the targ

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