Home Biz Start-Up – Staying Focused Amid Chaos

People usually have a certain amount of chaos in their lives, however there are times when there is more turbulence than ever. Even looking at chaos as stress, things like losing a job or source of income is a major event on the stress-o-meter. So if we have waited until a real crisis arose before we took action to start a home business, it’s going to be more chaos.

Starting a business has a lot of it’s own chaos even on a good day! Not to mention all the new information and emails from everywhere, etc – Not the best time to develop a sensible plan, and as a result, lots of short-cuts may actually be necessary due to the critical time element where finances are concerned (bills due).

This scenario is another reason why we should ‘just do it’ now, instead of ‘one of these days’ we are going to start our own business. Just like preparing for an emergency or having a contingency plan, start trying to make more money now. Wheth

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