How to Get Free Traffic for Your Online Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to drive traffic to your website for free. Not only is it free, it is the best kind of traffic (targeted). Targeted traffic is best because it is actually going to send you people who are looking for what you have. This is based on your keywords. ‘Keywords’ are relevant phrases that define what your site is about exactly.

driving traffic

The Search Engine robots crawl websites on a regular basis, usually every 30-days unless there is activity (fresh content). When they crawl a site that appears to be dormant, (nothing fresh, no traffic, etc.) then they just leave and come back next time. However if they see that the site has fresh content they will re-index the site. The index is their database of all the websites on the Internet.

When your site is re-indexed, that means that your link is promoted to a higher position in

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Affiliate Marketing – Earn While You Learn

It is a real smart idea to join an affiliate program that offers some level of training in how to promote an online business. As soon as you join they will give you an affiliate ID and a link to a sales page of some kind that you can advertise while you are doing the training.

earn while you learn

Potentially you can start earning commissions while you are still learning how to do it! There are some who just want to keep learning and they don’t feel that they can actually do anything yet. This is a waste of time to feel that way.

Often these are the same people who get what is referred to as ‘paralysis by analysis’ – they hide behind the learning and don’t believe they know enough to actually start taking action. They waste months and sometimes even years thinking that they don’t yet know anything.

Part of the beauty of affili

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Affiliate Marketing – Earning While Learning

All of the skills you have gained from your training and experience in your working life are all relevant to starting a business. There are some specific skills that you should acquire as you go along in your online business endeavor. Just as you learned on the job by experience you will do the same with whatever you focus your energy on.


Hands down the easiest way to get in there and start learning how to earn money online, is by being part of an affiliate program. You need to learn how to do marketing and advertising online, as well as how to write and communicate. With the affiliate marketing program business model, thankfully what you don’t need right off the bat is knowledge of how to develop, program and produce a product to sell; or need to know how to build your own organization and membership system.

Obviously developing a product or program yourself is ti

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Why People Fail to Succeed in Online Business

The main reason people fail at online business is said to be because they quit too soon, without giving it a fair chance. The underlying reasons for this are that they (a) Believe there is some sort of magic about the Internet that will allow them to succeed by osmosis; (b) Want something for nothing, meaning they are not willing to really work at it. (c) Do not actually have a realistic plan of action that includes investing their time and effort; (d) Do not treat it seriously as they would a job.


Let’s examine each of these things in a little more depth.

(a) Belief in magic. It is true that some terminology may lead someone to feel that things will be a lot easier and faster than they really are. This is where normal people should employ whatever common sense and logic they may have. Understand that the statements are addressed to the public at large. There is a broad

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How to Find Free Work at Home Ideas

You can find free work at home ideas when you go to a search engine and search using relevant keywords. There is almost limitless information and resources to help you nail down a concrete idea and to run with it every step of the way.

circuit board

One way that is tried and true is doing eBay auctions. Some start very casually just to clear out closets and storage facilities. Many items you don’t need any more, may be of value to someone else. eBay has full instructions on how to set up your own auctions and you can elaborate on that as much as you want to as far as adding bells and whistles and promoting your offerings.

If you like that business model, you can find companies online that need distributors. You can auction their products for a profit. You can sell just about anything — clothes, jewelry, electronics, arts and crafts, health and beauty products, et

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New Home Business – Find Out What People Want and Give It to Them!

In planning your new home business, are you trying to figure out what type of products or programs you would want to sell, or service you would provide? There are many things to consider in this regard of course but one theory is that you should find a market and then get what they are looking for and provide it to them.

find the market!

This really makes so much more sense than what most inexperienced people might figure. They likely would pick something they themselves like or buy for various reasons – and that can make sense on several levels as well. However the crux of the matter is that we might not be atypical and something we like so much may not have much appeal to anyone else. So it may become an atmosphere where you try to convince people that they want or need what you have. This is an uphill battle when you compare it to just simply providing what people already wa

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Networking as an Online Business Strategy

There are lots of different connotations of the concept of networking. They all seem to be slightly, if not directly related, while being just a bit different. Before ‘Y2K’ and ‘Web2.0′ networking was touted as an effective way to do business in the sense of finding the best jobs or clients, etc.


In particular it was thought that for the better jobs, people in the hiring chair would be more apt to respond to applicants that had been recommended to them by their peers, or who they had some association with or at least knowledge of. In other words not just a nameless face off the street or anonymous resume sent to the human resources department.

There was a real science to networking offline, for example if you were networking at a company or industry function, you might meet a number of people and give them your business card at the end of the

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Keep On Keeping On to Start a Successful Home Business

Even if you fail to start a successful home business at this time (or on the first attempt) it is still better than not having tried. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. At least you tried (and you can always try again – maybe now or maybe later) or sometimes said ‘try and try again.’

building a business

Sometimes that is what it takes to see ‘the big picture’ – You might get it going on at the front end at the inception of your business – the presentation or ‘first impression’; but then for whatever reason it doesn’t hold true = You don’t find how to gain or generate substance (and/or build momentum). So you didn’t make it on that attempt.”

It may be hard if you can’t get your bearings where you sit right now to perceive how to go forward, and you may feel slightly like dirt because you didn’t get anywhere, all your ‘friend

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