How to Use Advanced Banners Blog Ads

Banners Blog Ads

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Traffic is something you must have to attract visitor to your site and earn some money on the way. To earn money from your site you need visitor. To have visitors you need traffic. Using banners blog ads is one of the most used tactics to get visitor to our blog and you should know how to use advance banner ads.

Banners Blog Ads

Banner blog ads serve a very important purpose of driving traffic to your blog. No doubt, in some cases it can be a little bit expensive to get your blog advertised on someone else’s website. Somehow in the long-run it turns out to be a quicker way of directing some traffic to your blog, rather than having to wait for SEO engines put your website on the first results page list. Everyone wants this!

I’m not saying is not possible. Now, in addition to paying for banner ads, there are also banner exchange programs which are free in nature where both websites can benefit by posting ads on each other’s blog. And I would like to say there are various pros and cons regarding banner advertising.

Under free banner exchanges, you post banners in others websites for free and they in turn put banners on your blog. This is a free program but it has two basic problems associated with it.

The first is that if you want your banner to be placed on many sites it would mean you will end with lot of banner from other blogs in yours. In case you have an affiliate program running in your blog, then the banner ads from others sites compete with your affiliate links. I would like to say you don´t want this happening to you.

Secondly, you have to review carefully the kind of sites you are exchanging banners with, because there are sites which function as a directory of sorts. These are also known as banner directories and their main function is working as a portal site, having no content of their own. This means that if you get traffic from that kind of site, you will not get qualified traffic which is needed for your purposes.

Instead, paid banners blog ads no doubt cost money but they are more effective in the long run. You just need to make sure that the site receives as many visitors as they claim and that they have placed your ads in such way that it draws visitors to click on them. You should also select a site which hosts only limited amount of ads on a single page and one that doesn’t host your competitor’s ads.

Overall, banners blog ads can indeed be helpful to your site if placed appropriately and at the right place. If you plan to use banner advertisement as a marketing tool, keep the above points in mind.

On the other hand, you can choose to put banners ads on your own blog. And this can be a good source of additional revenues. Some cases this is far more profitable than working as an affiliate for other websites, because you will receive a fixed monthly fee no matter whether your visitors make a purchase or not.

You should focus on producing good quality articles which grab your reader’s attention and make them return to your blog again and again. Gradually, as your site shows up in search engines, advertisers will begin to show interest in working with you.

After having established your site as a profitable one you can then lease out spaces to advertisers to place their own banners blog ads for a price. Even if they do not earn anything from your site, you will still be assured of your income every month. It sounds nice, right?


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