Web Hosting and Web Server Hosting Types

What is Web Hosting Service?

Web Hosting And Web Server Hosting Types

Web Hosting And Server Hosting – Browser Types. Source: Internet

A web hosting service is a kind of service offered by a company that makes possible the posting of web pages on the internet. The companies or web hosts make available servers that enable users to access web pages. They can either sell their services or provide it for free in return for a free demo of their advertisements. Well, you already know this.

Consumers can make use of these services by purchasing monthly services which give them access to the World Wide Web. Web hosting service providers make use of client architecture and hosting to upload stuff on the internet. This is the way it works.

A web hosting company makes available a server to clients through which they can upload content to the internet which is then available to an internet audience. From the consumer point of view one needs to buy an internet package after which they can view the page on a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari among others. Also, you can use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your content.

A server belongs to a group of networks of computers on the web which makes it possible for internet users to access a site at any time and from any place in the world. Websites are a collection of web pages which are stored on the server and are accessible to anybody at any time. Today, billion of pages are storage by hosting providers.

Host computers are designed in such a way that when the domain name is keyed in, it finds its way to the website by means of a pointer routine which searches for the address from terminal to terminal. Then if everything goes fine, your website will get displayed on the user’s page. You will have to first purchase a domain or URL name, only then can you buy hosting services. Certain hosting companies offer a package wherein you can buy the domain name and hosting rights together.

What Types of Hosting Services are Available

Keeping in mind your web development needs and the kind of website that you want to put up you can choose from an array of hosting services that are available.

Dial-Up Access Hosting – This is one of the primary hosting services available where the providers also put at your disposal a website where you can put up your content. Dial up hosting is also the oldest hosting service and it is still in use today. Generally ISPs provide only internet service and it’s very rare to find an ISP provider that does both.

Development Hosting – Nowadays certain web developers are purchasing servers and then offering hosting services to their customers. This kind of web hosting is known as development hosting wherein they offer hosting services as well as a server dedicated completely to this. Consumers pay for the development and site maintenance of the website.

Web-Hosting ISP’s – Web hosting ISPs are companies that host business websites. For this site owners do not need dial up access but access pages through FTP or file transfer protocol. Small businesses are more in the habit of using web hosting ISPs to give away information on the internet. Certain other services can also be included depending upon the package that you choose.

Corporate/Industrial Hosting – Big companies like IBM, HP or Dell administer server infrastructure for web hosting companies. Big business houses will need the services of a web hosting ISP. It is kind of a middle path between the extremely basic and the more superior ones.

You will find hosting services as free, shared, dedicated and collocated. So, What is yours?


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