What to Avoid Building an Opt-In List

The Evening Independent

The Evening Independent

You may have heard talk about the opt-in lists. When you decide to have one, do not think of your list only as an option to send your subscribers series of newsletters and/or promotional messages. While there are many ways to get subscribers, there are also some things to keep subscribers wanting to be unsubscribed from your list.

You should also consider avoiding any problems with the law and your internet service provider. You probably already know there are laws and rules that apply to protect the privacy in the individual’s online activities such as spam and unwanted emails.

The popularity of email is a fact (despite social networks use) and it is specially used as a channel of marketing products and services promotions, mainly because of its low cost. Many have taken advantage of this and they are filling the mail inbox of many people promoting their products.

However, with an opt-in list, you not only avoid these hassles but also users want to receive newsletters and materials you promoted. This is because they authorize you to have in your list by themselves. You should complete this activity by placing the option to be “unsubscribed” from the list, in order to avoid any confusion. This will prevent someone put a wrong email address in the list.

It is very important to keep your list updated and clean. Today, there are many tools that allow you to organize and build the opt-in lists. The investment in these technologies can safely be recovered by taking advantage doing sales in your marketing campaigns.

Always try to stay away from problems or potential issues with the law and the internet service providers. Keeping running your list running as clean as possible and also your reputation is the key when you make marketing strategies.

For example, a good rule is to consider the bounced emails. Those emails were not received successfully by the message receiver.

These rejections can occur because the server was busy at that moment, and the mail would be delivered later. There are also rejections because the user’s inbox is completely full. There is also messages that are never deliver. The reason may be because the email address was misspelled or invalid or email addresses have already been abandoned.

In such cases, make sure you have identified these bounced emails. Delete those emails from your list to identify how many emails are delivered effectively. You may also want to review the spelling of the emails. Sometimes it happens that an “N” is used instead of “M” in the word “.COM”.

A rule to be trusted is to place an option to unsubscribe from the list via a link in the email. Usually when someone has decided to unsubscribe from a list, they do it seriously. If you are not considering these requests, probably the next email deliver will be sent to the spam folder. Be reported as spammer will cause you many problems, such as be blacklisted by internet service providers or simply lose all your prospects.

Because it is almost impossible to decipher the recipient´s age, do not use pornographic or disturbing content in your newsletters or promotional messages. Many complaints nowadays come from these users. It is important to stay aligned with what your website was made for.

I hope you find these tips helpful to build your opt-in list. So, you will have a healthy relationship with your subscribers for this type of online marketing, through an opt-in list.


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