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Work From Home by: Katharine Parker

 Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. -Byron Dorgan

Several times I have been asked for if working from home is possible. And the true is I don’t believe people ask about it. Every time I go to the doctor or I need to do something out, there are many cars in the avenue moving around from one place to another, or simply I see my neighbor doing some house repairs and then, I ask myself; where are those people working at?

Sometimes I ask them what they do and they tell me they are working from home. Also, they said to have a beautiful life doing what they want. I know, internet does not seem like the best safe place in the world to make money. But, when you think about it twice, you may realize that working from home have benefits and there are many people doing it.

One of the benefits that you may see at first is the free time you have for sharing or expending with your family.

Once you have customized your own workspace as we discussed in our previous post, definitely you will be able to maximize your non-working hours and use the free time in family activities. It could be, for example, taking kids to school, having lunch with them at noon, attending school events and –as an award- going out with your wife/husband (having the great opportunity to talk to each other about important/unimportant topics).

Doing this you will be much more involved on daily family activities with the reward of substantial relationship improvements… but as I have mentioned before, it does not mean you have all the free time available, since you should set a schedule to work-at-home and follow it.

Other benefits you can see almost immediately when working from home is to reduce your daily expenses. You don’t need to spend on gas, trips, food or dinner. You don’t have a tight schedule and you can work while others are not working. It gives you great use of time flexibility.

And talking about money we have to mention efficiency as well. Being apart from usual distraction when working from home it allows you to focus on what it is important and what it is more productive. In fact, you will be able to attend more than one home business, allowing you to develop all your potential you have been learned during years and years. Believe me, you become as an expert when you have been doing something for 5 o more years.

The efficiency can be used to do those dreams like study, learn something, go to vacations or visit distant relatives. The options are endless as you have the time to do it as you can work from everywhere.

Once you start your own business, the free time will give you the opportunity to find advantages working from home. And who knows, maybe you work less than 10 hours a week while others are in the office working from 9 to 5.


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